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Jarek Kordaczuk music, singing Basia Raduszkiewicz created so far a few cycles of poetic songs - including many author's songs: poetry, sung poetry, works with text, song text, song, poetry, love poetry, lyric poetry, song acting, music or music from a literary text. Poetic love song, lyric, dramatic, epic, happy, sad, gentle land - areas of interest for composers Jarek KORDACZUK, including the areas of exploration of poetry. Song indifferent - what does it really mean? Poetic lyrics, which is instrumental and vocal track with a solo voice, the text of a functional (or likely to function) as an independent work of poetry. The song is poetic in the way of the song as much as the more "poetic" (whatever that meant) text. Therefore, the scope of meaning "poetic song" is very conventional.

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